Monday, January 17, 2011
Computers are tools used to process the data according to procedures that have been formulated. The word computer is used originally to describe people who perkerjaannya perform arithmetic calculations, with or without assistive devices, but the meaning of this word is then transferred to the machine itself. Origins, processing information almost exclusively related to arithmetical problems, but modern computers are used for many tasks unrelated to mathematics.

In a sense like that there are tools such as slide rules, mechanical calculators types ranging from abacus and so on, until all contemporary electronic computers. The term better suited to a broad sense such as "computer" is "that process information" or "information processing systems." Over the years there have been several different meanings in the word "computer", and several different words are now called called a computer.
Parts of the Personal Computer.
1: Monitors
2: Motherboard
3: Processors
4: Slot ATA
5: RAM (Random Access Memory)
6: PCI Slot
7: Power Supply
8: The optical disc
9: Hard Disk
10: Keyboard
11: Mouse

Word computer once commonly used to define people who do the arithmetic, with or without auxiliary engine. According to the Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology, the word is used in English in 1646 as the word for "people who count" and then before 1897 are also used as a "mechanical calculators." During World War II, the word refers to the workers of the United States and British women whose job was to calculate artillery street war with the machine count.

Charles Babbage designed one of the first calculating machine called the analytical engine. In addition, various simple mechanical devices such as slide rule also has to be said as a computer.


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