Scottrade Mobile Android™ App

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Experience comprehensive research, analysis, trading and more on the Scottrade® Mobile app for Android™. From start to finish, trade efficiently and confidently from your Android™ phone with Scottrade Mobile.
Get Ideas

Read real-time news and analyst reports, and see how the insiders are trading.
Do Research

Real-time enhanced streaming quotes give you instant performance data. Plus, get key fundamentals including company financials and earnings.
Chart with 48 technical indicators to spot trends and find opportunities. Use Scottrade SmartText™ for plain-English analysis and chart explanations.
Time Your Move

Set up customized watch lists and price alerts to help you time your order. For option trades, view real-time option chains and option payoff charts.

Place your order any way you choose, right from your iPhone®. The Scottrade® Mobile app offers basic market, limit, stop and stop limit orders in addition to more advanced trailing stops and conditional orders. You can even trade in extended hours.
Manage Your Account

See your open and completed orders, check your balances and more.


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